1. Pauline 03/03/2016.

The videos and online courses help students and are useful to anyone who wants to learn more about psychology in general. The clinical cases presented in Mr Claude Lorin's books are really intersting and you can see what this job is about and how it works. They allow us to go beyond the theory you are more likely to find in lectures.

2. Blachère 03/01/2016

Really useful to have an insight into this job and detailed explanations on some concepts and recovery techniques. Thank you!

3. Céline 03/01/2016

Hello. These videos clearly illustrate what we study in class (psychology first- year undergraduate courses) indeed. Moreover it is very interesting to study severl clinical cases in particular, to see how to take care of patients with specificities. Mr Lorin gives us various methods and passes on his knowledge in his videos and lectures, which are fascinating! Thank you.